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Split System Installation Issues


Check your existing system for any of the following signs of a poor installation-:

Tape used to hold parts in place
Ductwork that is not flush or a unit that is not flush with the wall
Exposed pipes and electical wires
The unit damaged by poor handling
Unusual vibration or noises

Any of the above items can lead to a dangerous system and higher maintenance costs.

How to reduce Installation Costs
For spilt systems it is best to have a back to back installation. This is where the internal unit is placed on a wall and the outside unit is behind this wall.
Ensure there are no obstructions to the installer so they have access to the areas.
If you need body corp approval ensure this is already established.
If you are purchasing the air conditioner yourself - it is best to ensure that the unit is in the original packaging unopened ready for the installer.

If your unit can be connected to an existing power outlet this can avoid electrician charges.
Check with your installer as to whether the size of your unit requires specific electrical work.

What do installers usually supply
Split system air conditioner (or you may purchase one yourself), all Pipework, Interconnect Cables, Drain tubing and power cords.

Information provided by Air Conditioning Installer and Electrician Jeff Thatcher.

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