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Eco Friendly Air Conditioning


Cooling and heating systems like air conditioning produce large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and place considerable demand on the electricity grid.

Replace older less efficient air conditioners
By replacing older air conditioning units you could save large amounts of CO2 being released into the atmosphere each summer season. This will not only save the environment but also save you some money as well.

Eco Airconditioning

Some sources claim you can save as much as $65 per year using a newer air conditioning unit verses an older air conditioning unit.

Choose the right size air conditioner
By choosing the proper size air conditioner for the space it will allow you to conserve energy. If you choose an air conditioner too large for the area or too small for the area then you will be causing unneeded drain on your electricity. Find a good air conditioning company where they can ensure your system is the correct size.

When looking for a new air conditioner unit you will also want to shop for one with an energy star approval on it. Check how to compare air conditioners for information on energy ratings for air conditioners.

You will also want to look for a unit that can dehumidify the air as well if you live in a humid climate like Queensland or NT. By using an air conditioner that dehumidifies the air you will be able to make the environment more comfortable by reducing the humidity. This will allow you to keep the air conditioner at a lower setting (24 degrees celcius) and still feel comfortable.

You should have your air conditioning unit properly installed and sealed around the area to ensure you do not have cool air leaking outside.
In Australia there are different types of copper that are used in air conditioner installation. Our installers recommend using Australian copper that meets the standards.

Check your filters
Remember to clean and check the filters on your air conditioning unit regularly. Many air conditioners only need to be cleaned every 3 months but depending on the area you live in you may need to clean it as often as every month. This will help keep your air conditioning running more efficiently as well as keep you and your family more healthy.

Making your house naturally cooler
There are some simple measures you can take to make your home naturally cooler.
Consider making the temperature warmer e.g 24? or more.

Save Electricity Increase Temperature

CSIRO work on Greenhouse Gas Reduction Air Conditioning
Check this article on what the CSIRO TrigenAir package does to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioning.

Check Air Conditioning FAQ for more info.