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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Choosing a reverse cycle air conditioner can be a good choice for winter.
It is one of the most economical forms of heating especailly compared to most electric heaters.
Reverse cycle air conditioning extracts heat from the outside air even on cold winter nights and transfers it inside.

When choosing a model check for are noise levels, airflow and how easy each unit was to use.

An air conditioning installer is a good person to start with on the right reverse cycle choices.

Gary brisbane air conditioning ( can advise which models work most efficiently both ducted and split systems.

The type of heat is also important.

Some air conditioners make the room very stuffy. Sure they heat the room up but you may not want to stay int the room.

Choice also did a comparison of small reverse cycle air conditioners across brands - however you would need to pay for the results.

Victoria Sustainable Energy info

Check for information on chooing a reverse cycle air conditioner.

Advantages of reverse cycle air conditioning
  • One of the most economical forms of heating
  • Able to provide both heating and cooling
  • Remain cool to touch at all times
  • Have no exposed elements or flames
  • Lifetime of up to 20 years
  • Filter and dehumidify air