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Recycling your old air conditioner


When your air conditioner needs replacing how much of your old machine is recycled?

Recycling Materials From Air Conditioners

Jeff Thatcher Air Conditioning Gold Coast recycles every piece of your old air conditioner except the styrofoam and insulation of the pipes.

After being disappointed that some council recycling would put large parts including the plastic into landfill Jeff sourced alternatives.

To do this Jeff sourced recyclers and by chance a client happened to specialise in recycling.

What is recycled

  • All plastic
  • All metal
  • All cables
  • All cardboard packaging
  • Even the gas used in the old machine

Jeff replaces the air conditioner and removes everything else for recycling.

Unfortunately the amount of emissions in an air conditioner/refrigerator are often blamed for the global warming issues of the planet today.

Before you DIY harm to the atmosphere check the alternatives of properly disposed of old air conditioners and refrigerators.

Jeff is also a qualified electrician.