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Air conditioning Maintenance cleaning your system

Brisbane air conditioning installer Jeff Thatcher established a servicing/cleaning side of business approximately 8 years ago.

In that time with many repeat customers, we have really got to appreciate the many benefits that annual cleaning of air conditioners has compared to units that have never been cleaned.

Some of the main problems in unserviced systems are mould, fungus and bacteria.

We have noted that units in moist areas such as near kitchen and bathroom areas, are effected the most. Good extractor fans and range hoods can help lessen the problems areas.

In some unserviced units the mould and fungus can be so severe that the evaporator fan is totally blocked and cannot move air flow any more.

In serviced units the fan and housing of the inside evaporator unit stays in a much more controlled state, keeping the air flow at a much higher level thus working more efficiently.

The same goes for the inside coil. Once the mould and fungus get to higher levels the air flow slows and the unit works harder, less efficiently.

Some of the units that have been serviced over a long period of years by our business still look and run like new. Proving to us that, annual servicing is most differently beneficial to you and your air conditioning unit.

Jeff Thatcher.