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Comparing Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Air Conditioners


Actually we are not comparing apples with apples here because the Mitsubishi Air Conditioner was brand new and it replaced my 6 year old Fujitsu Air Conditioner. Both are inverter models.

Why did it need replacing?
Living close to the ocean really plays havoc with the air conditioners and one of the cards went - this was replaced under warranty and
then later it did not work again (out of warranty).
However I still think Fujitsu are a good brand - it was just a bit unlucky.
Actually my installer believes the installation was the cause because a separate power supply was not set for the unit.

What is the difference in the newer inverter?
The newer Mitsubishi can cool my whole unit. It is the same 3.5 kw cooling as the previous one but it seems to be able to handle bigger workloads.

I suspect any technology 6 years older is going to not be as good as the new versions across many brands.

According to the labels the power Input kW is .92 compared to 1.04 for the same 3.5 kW Output. So there in theory should be a power saving.

I am however glad to have bought the new model and think that if the opportunity is there to replace a unit with new technology, it is worth doing.

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